RH #11 Nikki Aponte

RH# 11

Conversation with Phoenix model Nikki Aponte @Nikki.Aponte

We talk about her take on the modeling industry just 3 months into it as well as her interesting life and what she has to go through in order to separate her corporate world life from her modeling.

We also dive deep into the BDSM world as she is active in that community as well.


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TCR #28 – Johnny Medina

Episode #28
Conversation with Johnny Medina @JohnnyBlakSox www.JohnnyMedina.org
We dive deep into the importance of family, staying true to your vibe, the importance of art shows, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable physical and emotional pain when he lost his leg. This and many, many other topics.

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TCR #27 – Emily Hammock and Chaney B. Jones

Episode #27
Conversation with Emily Hammock and Chaney B. Jones.
We get really deep into spirituality, the importance of everything being valid, and being excited and motivted to make real changes in one’s life.
Really deep stuff here.
Chaney has written a book: The Nature of Thoughts available on Amazon.
For more information please visit his site: http://www.chaneybjones.com
His IG: @ChaneyBJones

Emily is a model and now a practicing Reiki therapist who has started a spiritual journey through astrology. I was able to meet Chaney through her and we share how some of her life experiences have set her on this path.
Emily IG: @EmmysBlock

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